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Hopeful Expectations

In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly. Psalm 5:3

Expectations can be a funny thing. They can cause us to speak and believe out of a place of abundance and hope causing us to walk in radical faith. Yet, that same word - expectation - at the same time can create unfair or unrealistic expectations on those around us. If we're not careful our own dreams and desires can turn from hopeful expectations to hurtful ones. I go back to Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42 for many life lessons and dealing with expectations is one of those times. Both, Mary and Martha, desired to be with Jesus and to serve him. Yet, Martha put unrealistic expectations on Mary that not only caused a wedge between them, but also caused Martha to get distracted from the fact that Jesus was at their house. Unrealistic expectations can cause miscommunication, bring frustration, and even grief. Mary hadn't abandoned her sister when she sat at the feet of Jesus, but Martha's expectation of Mary caused her to feel abandoned. Most likely Martha didn't even realize that she had put unrealistic expectations on her sister until things didn't go how she expected them to. We all view and respond to situations differently. And typically when things don't go how we expect or hope we lose faith, get distracted, or even give up. Can you think of an unrealistic expectation you have? Maybe it's with a family member or friend. Maybe it's at work or church. Maybe it's in your relationship with Jesus. Expectations come and go. Each time they give us the opportunity to use them positively or negatively in our lives. Will you let your unrealistic expectations turn from discouragement to an expectation of abundant hope. Will you have the boldness to pray real life prayers admitting that things aren't going how you've hoped, but knowing and expecting God to do the impossible in you're life. Will you step out in faith and pray that God will align your heart with His? Our prayer this week is that the expectations in your life would be life giving. That from your expectant heart would flow an abundance of hope in your life. May your hopeful expectations move mountains this week in Jesus' name!


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