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Confidence in Jesus

But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. Jeremiah 17:7

When we first said yes to Jesus about going to Poptún, Guatemala I was terrified. We loved the people and country of Guatemala from our very first trip, yet the fear of going into a country, where we don't know the customs nor speak the language, completely on our own left a crippling fear. God's faithfulness and indescribable peace has gotten us through each trip. Not only have we survived the last three trips completely on our own, but we have been able to thrive as we learn more each time. While we have had countless cultural experiences, seen heartbreaking situations, had frustrating language days, and have watched the Holy Spirit move in only ways He can, we have come to walk each day in confidence. We don't have confidence because we are fluent in Spanish, because we're no where close to that. We don't have confidence because we know how to get around, know cultural expressions, or because we know a lot of people. The only reason is because our confidence is in Jesus. Our trust is solely in Him. Confidence is defined as the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust. When you walk in faith you have no choice but to walk confidently. There have been many times over the last two weeks during our time here in Guatemala where I would have not described my feelings as confident. It would have been easy to run and hide from the daily difficulties, yet our hope and trust in Jesus helped us move forward each day with confident faith. Not because we have confidence in our own abilities, but simply because our confidence is in Jesus. You don't have to feel confident to walk confidently. When you say yes to Jesus each day your faith will drive out all fear as you watch God move in and through you. Do you need a confidence boost this week? Be encouraged that you don't have to feel confident in order to be confident. Your ability to live confidently is solely because your trust is in Jesus. Your trust in your Heavenly Father will give you everything you need to live boldly in Jesus' name. We pray that you would move forward and confidently in faith this week not because of how you feel, but because your confidence is in Jesus!


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