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Live as if there is life inside of you.

And we are witnesses to these things, and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey him. Acts 5:32

After talking with many of you over the last several weeks it is very clear that many of us are going through a season of waiting. Our lives are all so very different yet many of us have been going through similar situations. Some have been waiting for a healing, waiting for a miracle, waiting on direction from the Lord, and the list of waitings goes on and on. Waiting is never easy, yet such an important part of life. It's in the seasons of waiting where we are able to completely surrender control. It's in the seasons of waiting where we are still enough to hear from the Lord. While waiting is an important part of life it is rarely easy. Many times if we're not careful to guard our hearts these seasons of waiting can turn into depressing emotional roller coasters. We focus on our situations and the quietness. We spend days thinking about how to fix the issues or change the situations that are usually out of our control. Instead of resting in the waiting we spend all our energy on figuring out ways to get out of the waiting. It's draining physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It's so easy to let our eyes get fixed on the storm instead of on the cross. We forget in these seasons of waiting that even through all the chaos there is LIFE living inside of us! The Holy Spirit is our helper and our comforter. He dwells within us. So many of us forget to use that power within us in these seasons of waiting. We forget that even through these times that feel so unsure that we can still shine light into darkness. We can still let every situation be used for God's glory. We can still speak life into dead situations. Just because you're waiting doesn't mean you're useless. There is hope, peace, rest, and joy in the waiting! Focus on the here and now. The rest will unfold in God's timing. Whatever season you're in do not let confusion, chaos, or exhaustion keep you from living life abundantly. Use the Holy Spirit inside of you to overcome feelings of doubt. Let the power and boldness of the Holy Spirit overflow out of you so that through the uncertainty you can let every minute of the day bring glory to God! We pray that in this season you fix your eyes on Jesus. May His peace fill your hearts and minds this week.

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