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Our Time in Guatemala

Bless the LORD, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name! Psalm 103:1

Over Thanksgiving we were in Poptun, Guatemala. Each trip teaches us a little bit more about the culture and needs. The word of the week was "lluvia" which means rain. It has rained everyday, all day. This is the first trip to Poptun that we have experienced the rain and the cold weather. Both of which bring its own challenges in a culture where walking everywhere is normal and poverty leaves children without shoes and warm clothes. Throughout the week we have bought and delivered food bags for 20 families, we have worked in the church, we have continued employing two men for the construction of the Rescue Center, and we have helped move a family's house. None of which could have been possible without your help in being the hands and feet of Jesus! Thank you for your generosity and love for the people in Poptun! The Rescue Center looks amazing. We cannot believe how much work has been done since we were last here. The pastor told us about how many Guatemalans have given of their time and money to help with the house. It is truly humbling to see and such a beautiful reflection of the body of Christ! The kids at church now have their own children's church and will soon have their own space to worship. It is so exciting to watch them grow in their relationship with Jesus! It has been so awesome to see the once shy children now run up to us when we visit. Our regular trips help continue to build our relationship with not only those in the church, but also in the community. The people in the local stores, hotel, and bank have become quite familiar with us. We are so thankful for God's grace and favor. God has opened so many doors for us and has provided abundantly over and over again. We are so thankful for the local pastor and his family and all they do for Jesus here in Poptun. Right now on top of helping us with the Rescue Center, meeting needs in the community, and pastoring his own church, Pastor Pedro has also planted another church in Poptun and is discipling pastors to oversee it. We praise God for everything He is doing here in Poptun and we are so excited for the days ahead. God has opened our eyes to malnourished children with parasites, broken and suffering families, and the dangers of driving in the rain, on this trip. We will share some stories in the coming weeks, but for now please continue to pray for our time in Guatemala. Pray that Jesus would be glorified through us. Pray for Pastor Pedro, his family, and the local church. Pray for the necessary provision for a van here in Guatemala. Pray that God's will is done! We love y'all and praise God for you daily.

God bless you abundantly!

Pastor Harry and Shelly Divido

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