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Done with Busy

But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray. Luke 5:16

Have you ever been in a season where the only answer you have to the question, "How is life?" is "It's busy." You're constantly occupied with something. So much so that every minute is focused on multitasking getting as much crammed into a day as possible. Sometimes we go through these seasons where we are running the race of life and can't get around it. Whether it is family, work, or ministry there are just some seasons of busy that we can't avoid. But, what happens when these seasons of busy go from weeks to months to even years of constantly multitasking and constantly staying busy? We can stay busy with a lot of great things, but if we're constantly busy we're most likely missing out on what God wants to do in our lives and in our relationship with Him. In the world today we compare our calendars to those around us. We think that because the people around us are doing something 24/7 that we also have to have our calendar packed out every minute of every day. We compare our ministries to others. We compare our families to others. We compare our jobs to others. And then all of a sudden we realize it's two years later and not much has changed. We're still busy. We're still trying to do ten million things at once. We're tired and irritable and just plain busy. Ever felt like you're doing a lot of great things, but still missing out on something? Could you be missing out because you're busy? How often do we compare our schedules to those around us instead of going back to the gospel to see how we should be living? The Bible tells us over and over that Jesus went off alone to pray. It wasn't just something that He did every few months. The Bible tells us that Jesus went away OFTEN to pray, to be with His Father. How often are you laying down your busyness to go away to be with your Father? Maybe it's ten minutes a day. Maybe its a couple hours every week. Maybe you have the opportunity to spend a whole day with just you and Jesus. What would our lives look liked if we surrendered our busy and exchanged it for time with our Heavenly Father? You can do great things all day long, but if you're not spending time with Jesus more than you're multitasking how can you know if those are the great things God wants you to be doing right now? Being done with busy in our world today is one of the most uncomfortable places to be in. Yet, there is so much freedom when you're done with busy. Our prayer is that you would experience that freedom this week. May you say no to busy so that you can say yes to what Jesus wants to do in and through you!

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