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The Art of Wanting Nothing

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul? Matthew 16:26

Have you thought about the stuff on your "want list" lately? Most of us would probably deny that we have a want list but, deep down we are all wanting something. How often do we find ourselves thinking "I wish I lived by the water." "I wish I had different clothes." "I wish I had a different car." "I wish we lived there." "I wish I had more money." We become trapped in this cycle of wanting and wishing for stuff while we tell ourselves that we are content. Once we receive something on that list we quickly find that the temporary happiness it brings just doesn't cut it. We soon begin wanting something else and the cycle continues. We have found in our travels that the people that truly want for nothing in life are the happiest. We've stood in tiny homes with dirt floors and holes in the walls with happier families than some homes that have it all and still want more. It is truly an art and a gift to be able to want for nothing - to be content in all circumstances. Can you have a nice house and fancy things while wanting nothing? Absolutely! It's a mindset. It is possible no matter your social status or job title to live a life of wanting nothing. Yet, most of us are trapped in trying to gain the whole world. Striving for wholeness, longing for happiness, and searching for more. We run to our want list instead of falling to our knees. Jesus is the only one that can fill the empty places in your life. He is the only one capable of quenching your thirst. When you run to Jesus He will fill you with everything you need. You just have to choose to run to him first. The saying is true money cannot buy happiness. What would happen if we actually believed that and acted on it. What would happen if we stopped chasing after the temporary and invested in the eternal? Next time you catch your self thinking, "I wish..." or "I want...." spend some time with Jesus. Ask Him to give you what you need and watch as you begin to master the art of wanting nothing. It will change your heart. It will change your home. It will change the lives around you. We pray that you experience what it means to want nothing. May you experience the overwhelming love and grace of Jesus as He fills every empty part of your heart and soul this week.

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