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Walking in the Fullness of God

From His fullness we have all received grace upon grace. John 1:16

So often we look only at one characteristic of God and operate in that one attribute instead of looking and operating at the fullness of who God is. We operate in God is love, but forget to operate in God is holy at the same time. So often we view God as one-sided. As if He can only operate in one attribute at a time. Yet, there is so much more to Him than what our minds understand. We compare Him to our limited fleshly beings, but how wrong we are to even try to compare ourselves with Him. We pray for His fullness. Yet, when He gives us every part of Him we shrink back to operate in our limited knowledge. We go back to viewing Him as either faithful, love, or limitless, but not ever all three at one time. We may say we believe He is all He is, but do we walk in His fullness? Do we operate as if He is all He says He is? This is why it is so important to seek the Lord and all that He is. We need His fullness every single day of our lives. It is from His fullness that we have all received grace upon grace in our lives. We learn more and more every day on who God is. If we don't spend time getting to know Him we will forget where to run when trouble strikes. Have you written down all the characteristics of God lately? Have you forgotten that He is our provider, our banner, our rock, our help, the Alpha and the Omega, the Prince of Peace, love, faithful, limitless, and on and on the list goes. Does knowing the fullness of God change how you live? It should. It should wipe away all fear and all worry. It should change your heart to be more like His. It should cause you to live in such a way that those around you are impacted by all He is. We encourage you to walk in the fullness of God today. Let everything He is impact all you are. Let Him change the way you think, see, talk, react, and love. As you go throughout your week make time to get to know Him a little deeper. May your relationship with God grow deeper as you walk in His fullness this week!

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