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No other gods.

For you shall worship no other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God. Exodus 34:14

I don't know about you, but when I think of idols or people who worship other gods I typically think about people in other countries, different religions, and specifically gold statues. If I was honest with myself I would look around my life and think, "I don't have an idol problem." What about you? Have you worshipped any other gods lately? A couple weeks ago we talked about bold prayers. Over the last two weeks of praying, "Lord, rid me of everything that is keeping me from you." My heart has been ripped apart as the Lord has revealed all the idols of my life. It has caused me to take a second look at what idols really are. An idol is anything that you worship. Now you may say, "I don't bow down to idols." But, let us look at it this way.... What do you spend most of your time thinking about? What do you worry about? What disappoints you? Where do you make financial sacrifices? Where do you run when you're hurting? If we do a heart check most of the time we will find that these things can consume us. Our hearts are battlefields and the things of this world are constantly trying to take God's place. If you know that God is your provider, yet you constantly worry about money, money has become a god in your life. Your focus has shifted from worshipping God to worshipping money. When you have become overwhelmed by disappointment whether it be due to a relationship, your career, or life circumstances to the point where it consumes you it shows us that you've placed an intense hope and longing in something other than God. What about your dreams? The things you hope for? Is your motivation to give God all the glory or for the American dream? A god or an idol is anything that has taken God's place in your life. These idols end up controlling you. They keep you in shackles leaving you powerless. It can be food, sex, money, success, entertainment, family, or simply yourself. Where do you look for provision, comfort, hope, security, peace, love? God is jealous for your heart. He loves you so much that He refuses to share you with anyone or anything. What are you bowing down to everyday? Where is your time spent? What is your heart fixed on? You have a choice. Will you choose God or will you choose the desires of your flesh? God is pursuing you every single day. His love for you never changes. His jealousy for your heart never changes. Will you surrender the idols in your life? Will you repent of the gods you've placed above the One True God today? You shall have no other gods. None. Are you willing to ask the Lord what's been waring for your heart lately? We pray that you would be strengthened and encouraged by the all-consuming love God has for you. May your life never be the same as you experience the powerful, unfailing love God.

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